Pastor Mike Berg

Mike and Judy Berg planted this ministry in 2001 in Apple Valley Minnesota.   Mike is a graduate of Bethel University and Bethel Seminary and holds a Master of Divinity Degree.  His theology flows out of an understanding of the reforms called for in the 16th Century and cries with them "Sola Scriptura!"  He has been involved in Music ministry, Youth for Christ, Youth Ministry, College Ministry and Pastoral ministry since 1973.

He is an expository preacher and teacher.  He will take us verse by verse and chapter by chapter into the scripture to fully understand the context and the application of those books for today.  You can use this website or you can download our Church App for IOS, Ipad, and android phones and notepads to tap into past series on the book of Acts, Revelation and Galatians with more to come.  

Not enough Pastor's are speaking out on the issues of the day.  Coming soon to this site and the app.  Pastor Mike will be commenting on the events of the day and how to apply biblical principles to understand and approach the event from a clear and concise biblical prospective.  

Cory Kleven, Assoc. Pastor

Cory came to Cedarwood as a Lay leader from previous churches where he struggled with the changes that were moving churches away from the central truths of the Bible.  He has a clear understanding of reform theology and an appreciation for the gracious work of God in the lives of believers and is a perfect pinch hitter for our pastor in his absence with clear and simple expositions of the Scriptures. 

Cory's ministry experience grew out of a desire as a person in the congregation to do more to share his faith with the motorcycle racing community.  He has written a book specifically fashioned to reach the racing community entitled "Victory Lap" with a message of Jesus redemptive work in his own life.  

Cory was approached in the summer of 2015 with the possibility of being a part of the staff at Cedarwood as our associate pastor.  He gladly accepted the challenge.  You'll love the depth of his thinking, the gentleness of his spiritual confrontation through his teaching and preaching of the word and his humility.